Animation Box

This collection of short animation clips were created for personal enjoyment, to develop skills and for the love of story telling.


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Take a Woof of that – Run

An endearing run cycle of Max the Corgi doing his best to become the super fit dog that he knows he can be.

Take a Woof of that – Animatic

This short animatic show the story of Max the Corgi dealing with a particularly problematic stench which he has created. In a comical tom and Jerry like fashion he seeks to defeat it.


Are you passionate about your place names or does a signpost with any name smell just as sweet? What do you like to call the wonderful place of Derry/Londonderry.

Chuck Shazam

This animation is a crossover based on two pre-existing TV and movie characters.

Apostle Paul

Paul’s is so engrossed in writing that he fails to notice the discomfort he is causing one of the guards. This piece was originally a sketch that was animated using puppet tool in After effects.