Blaze the Bee

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN IRELAND Blaze the Bee This fun and friendly character of Blaze the bee was developed for PCI as mascot for their Children’s programme.   Blaze was used to highlight the work of discipleship worldwide and help children understand some of the training that the church does worldwide. DESIGN  Animation TEAM  Blurbox Animated […]

Animation Box

JUST FOR FUN Animation Box This collection of short animation clips were created for personal enjoyment, to develop skills and for the love of story telling. DESIGN  Animation TEAM  Blurbox Take a Woof of that – Run An endearing run cycle of Max the Corgi doing his best to become the super fit dog that […]

Mickey Harte

MID ULSTER COUNCIL Mickey Harte: Tyrone Player and Bainisteoir  Blurbox Media and Design was commissioned to produce a booklet to celebrate the accomplishments Mickey Harte during his time as Manager of Tyrone GAA. This commemorative booklet was presented to him at an event which was streamed for viewers online. Media images were also created by […]

Thrive Academy

THRIVE ACADEMY Making Young People Digitally Resilient  This animation was created as a simple explanation for the work of Thrive Academy.  Its key aim was to encourage the financial support of local businesses to join with Thrive in order to provide digital resilience training to young people in their local schools.  DESIGN  Animation TEAM  Blurbox […]

PCI Easter Animations

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN IRELAND Easter Celebration Just before the first Lockdown of 2020 I was tasked by PCI to produce a series of 3 animations which would tell the Easter story.  These were to be released on the lead up to Easter and were useful in providing content for churches to use whenever most services […]

Laird Grass Machinery

LAIRD GRASS MACHINERY (LGM) A cut above the rest for LGM We were asked by LGM to develop an E-commerce solution that would allow them to sell their vast amount of products online. Due to the variety of brands and categories, this meant creating a user friendly, built in product filter to select an item […]

Edel McBride

EDEL MCBRIDE User friendly Shopping experience We were asked by EDEL MCBRIDE to develop a new e-commerce solution for their online store. Working closely with them we developed a user friendly Shopify website. The new site has incorporated the unique photography showcasing wool garments with a modern look as high end fashion items. DESIGN  E-Commerce […]

My Sketchbook Project

THE BROOKLYN ARTS LIBRARY My Sketchbook Project This year I became one of the many official artists to partake in the Sketchbook Project for the Brooklyn Arts Library.  It was definitely a challenge to complete it the way I wanted to but it was well worth the effort. Sketchbook Adventure Initially the thought was to […]

Design is art plus Purpose

WHAT DO WE THINK DESIGN IS? Design = Art + Purpose At Blurbox we believe that Design is a mixture of two very important factors – art and purpose.  To what level these are developed in your design determines whether or not you have a good design or a bad one. explore more What makes […]

Happy Harry’s World Turns Upside Down

HAPPY HARRY’S WORLD TURNS UPSIDE DOWN Children’s Book Artwork We worked with author Nicola Ferris and Publishing Company Bear Press Ltd to produce the character design and artwork for the children’s Book Happy Harry’s World Turns Upside down.  The ink sketches were created with the purpose in mind of providing a colouring activity for the […]