My Sketchbook Project

THE BROOKLYN ARTS LIBRARY My Sketchbook Project This year I became one of the many official artists to partake in the Sketchbook Project for the Brooklyn Arts Library.  It was definitely a challenge to complete it the way I wanted to but it was well worth the effort. Sketchbook Adventure Initially the thought was to […]

Design is art plus Purpose

WHAT DO WE THINK DESIGN IS? Design = Art + Purpose At Blurbox we believe that Design is a mixture of two very important factors – art and purpose.  To what level these are developed in your design determines whether or not you have a good design or a bad one. explore more What makes […]

Happy Harry’s World Turns Upside Down

DESIGN  Illustration TEAM  Blurbox HAPPY HARRY’S WORLD TURNS UPSIDE DOWN Children’s Book Artwork We worked with author Nicola Ferris and Publishing Company Bear Press Ltd to produce the character design and artwork for the children’s Book Happy Harry’s World Turns Upside down.  The ink sketches were created with the purpose in mind of providing a […]

JB Tyres

DESIGN  Logo Animation TEAM  Blurbox JB TYRES Quality Tread JB TYRES was looking to create a character that would represent their business like a mascot.  I created a character and brand called Tred which they were able to use on banners, T-shirts and social media.  An animation was created to showcase their business and was […]


DESIGN  Logo TEAM  Blurbox RICHARDSON’S BAR AND OFFSALES The Diamond Bar We worked with Richardson’s Bar to provide a fresh brand solution for their bar and newly created, off sales store.    Win by a nose Richardson’s Bar celebrates over 100 years in business since it’s establishment in 1911.  This Award winning and friendly pub […]


DESIGN  Logo Website TEAM  Blurbox & Associates EMS Emergency Medical Supplies We were asked by CITY OF DERRY EQUESTRIAN to help them develop a new look and feel for their horse riding experience. Working closely with them we developed a brand that incorporated their logo, design for print, website design and animation that reflected them. […]

Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre

DESIGN  branding Animation flyers/banners/merch business stationary Website TEAM  Blurbox & Associates MID ULSTER VOLUNTEER CENTRE Where would we be without volunteers? We’ve done a lot of work over the years with the MID ULSTER VOLUNTEER CENTRE. Initial design work to re-create their folder turned into creating a suite of characters that were then implemented across their […]


DESIGN  Website Character design TEAM  Blurbox Ardean Info EASILINK Community Transport We had worked with EASILINK to develop their first site on a basic platform, now they were looking to put more energy into the over all look and feel of the site to expand on the user experience of the site. Need a lift? […]

Cookstown Cycles

DESIGN  Logo design TEAM  Blurbox COOKSTOWN CYCLES On your bike COOKSTOWN CYCLES were looking to create a new brand for their shop to enhance the look of their e-commerce website which they were in the process of developing.  The new logo was designed to work across web, signage and any merchandise but also had to […]

Causeway Coast and Glens

DESIGN  Logo Photography Brochure Digital Brochure TEAM  Blurbox & Associates CAUSEWAY COAST AND GLENS BOROUGH COUNCIL Get on Board We were asked by CAUSEWAY COAST AND GLENS to develop a brochure that highlighted the refreshed look of Railway Road in Coleraine and showcase the businesses that call that road home. Now leaving platform 1 Railway […]