Happy Harry’s World Turns Upside Down

HAPPY HARRY’S WORLD TURNS UPSIDE DOWN Children’s Book Artwork We worked with author Nicola Ferris and Publishing Company Bear Press Ltd to produce the character design and artwork for the children’s Book Happy Harry’s World Turns Upside down.  The ink sketches were created with the purpose in mind of providing a colouring activity for the […]

Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre

MID ULSTER VOLUNTEER CENTRE Where would we be without volunteers? We’ve done a lot of work over the years with the MID ULSTER VOLUNTEER CENTRE. Initial design work to re-create their folder turned into creating a suite of characters that were then implemented across their brand through business stationary, social media, website and eventually 2 animated […]


EASILINK Community Transport We had worked with EASILINK to develop their first site on a basic platform, now they were looking to put more energy into the over all look and feel of the site to expand on the user experience of the site. DESIGN  Website Character design TEAM  Blurbox Ardean Info Need a lift? […]