One More Story (so it is)

Written and Illustrated by Laura Crossett
A5 Soft cover | 42 pages illustrated artwork

“There’s myth and story,
good and gory
and rhyming just for fun.
There’s Words and phrases,
common graces;
that just roll of your tongue.
There’s sights to see
and things to tell
and you’ll get just a taste
of giants, fairies,
folklore, myths
and good craic interlaced.”


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An excellent takeaway gift for those who come into contact with some of the weird and wonderful character found in Northern Ireland. You will find a variety of limericks, rhyme and story all accompanied with fully illustrated artwork.  A discovery of local lingo and legends awaits you.

The perfect item for capturing a little slice of life from this part of the world.


Keywords: Irish, Humour, Gift, Northern Ireland, Ulster

First Printed December 2021

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