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JB TYRES was looking to create a dynamic 2D character avatar that would represent their business like a mascot.  The main purpose of creating this character was to produce an animated advert that showcased their business and could be featured at the start of a DVD for a Global agriculture brand called Grassmen.

At Blurbox we were able to create a character they loved so much that they were wanted to use it further on banners, merchandise and social media.   

Avatars can communicate accurate and distinctive information regarding personality. What this means is that these customised cartoon representations can depict elements of your business that you want to showcase to your clients.  This is more than producing a fun and quirky character, it is another way to create a positive impression of your company. 

Your character avatar could be used as your virtual online presence.

This includes:

  • web chat icon,  
  • facebook profile character,
  • your initial image on online conferencing services (Skype, zoom and WhatsApp)
  • Business email avatar. 

In all these areas your character avatar is the first image that your clients could be interacting with.  You could simply use your logo – but why not put a face to your company? 

So what would your avatar say about you? 

More companies entering into the virtual world need this type of presence.  It is becoming increasingly important that your public image in these areas accurately depicts what you want to convey about your business. 

For JB Tyres it was important to convey a friendly, welcoming and trustworthy personality into Tred with jovial character traits that would convey an accurate representation of the company.

Blurbox created the initial sketch work which featured a variety of character ideas. By working with JB Tyres, Blurbox was able to create the brand friendly character called Tred.

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Business Avatar and Animation

Based in the village of Tobermore, JB TYRES is a family business based in the heart of Northern Ireland servicing customers across the country. They supply and fit car, commercial, earthmover and agricultural tyres.

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